Saturday, July 26, 2014

same questions over a year later

What is your favorite food? the cheesy mac n cheese 

 What is your favorite color? all of the colors 

 What is your favorite animal? kitty 

 Where is your favorite place to eat? taco time 

 Who is your best friend? Lilliana 

 What do you want to be when you grow up? a mommy 

 What is your favorite movie right now? twinkle toes 

 What is your favorite snack? graham crackers 

 What is your favorite book? princess book 

 What is your favorite tv show? spongebob squarepants 

 If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? hawaii 

What is your favorite sport? soccer and baseball


Friday, May 03, 2013

a conversation with Addyson

What is your favorite food? Hot dog (turkey dog really)

What is your favorite color? red, yellow, green, white, black, and then pink, blue, green...(not all the colors just so we are clear.)

What is your favorite animal? kitty and then cow.

Where is your favorite place to eat? Amigos

Who is your best friend? Cadynce, Sidnee, Camden, Trent, Alix, Ava, and the neighbors.

What do you want to be when you grow up? build buildings, like tell people how to build them.

What is your favorite movie right now? Rise of the Guardians

What is your favorite snack? snack bars

What is your favorite book? my Tinker Bell book

What is your favorite tv show? Caillou

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? to somewhere way far away and Disneyland when I grow up.

What is your favorite sport? soccer and then hockey, football

I just love asking her questions and watching her think!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

catch up on addy's favorite things

Ok so it's super duper catch up time! Ever since I stopped daily blogging Addy's favorite things I have been keeping track in my calendar. So here goes... 11/18 wathcing racing, going to ava's birthday party and dinner 11/19 watching a moving and going to the car place (subaru dealer to order jc's car) 11/20 going to tina's and going to the grocery store 11/21 watching a movie and going to amigo's for dinner 11/22 watching elf on the shelf and going to grandma and grandpa's for thanksgiving 11/23 watching a moving, going to the store and drinking hot cocoa 11/24 ballet, watching elf on the shelf and waithing with us for nana (i dont remember that) 11/25 watching little bill and shopping with mommy 11/26 going to grandmas and going to cabelas 11/29 (oops missed a few) dinner with nana and dupa 11/30 shopping and getting pictures done (yep her 3 year pictures almost 2 months late) having lunch with daddy 12/01 ballet and going snowboarding (in downtown seattle) also looking at snowboard stuff 12/02 going to the store with mommy 12/03 going to grandma's with blake 12/04 going to tina's and having breakfast for dinner 12/05 going to tina's and target and costco 12/06 going to tina's, the store and to visit mia 12/07 going shopping with nana and mommy and visiting santa! 12/08 ballet with ava, going to mcdonalds playland with ava and going to mia's birthday party 12/09 wathing a movie and dinner with nana and dupa 12/10 going to nana and dupa's, wrapping presents with dupa (it's a jacket) and watching a movie 12/11 going to tina's and having waffles for dinner 12/12 going to tina's, going to the store and eating dinner even though she said she didn't like it 12/13 nana picking her up at tina's and going shopping 12/14 visiting great grandma and drinking hot chocolate 12/15 going to leavenworth to see the lights with autie, blake, uncle, grandma and grandpa 12/16 coloring! 12/17 watching shrek the halls 12/18 watching little bill and strawberry shortcake 12/20 going to tina's and the store. also eating a cookie 12/21 going to the lights of christmas (it was 37 outside) coloring and going to lunch 12/22 coloring, watching a movie and going to ballet 12/23 going to the store, going to costco and having dinner with nana and dupa 12/25 going to nana and dupa's and opening presents (you shoulda seen it, chaos.) 12/26 watching a movie and eating sweet potato soufflè 12/27 watching a movie 12/28 having pho for lunch (she came home with new drumsticks [chopsticks]) 12/30 making cookies with grandpa (because jc and i got to go to a seahawks game!) 01/02 going to tina's and going to haggens 01/03 wathing a movie, going to tina's and going to target 01/04 going to tisha's and that is all she tells me 01/05 going to the store and getting a table inside (i'm not sure what that's referring to) 01/06 going to amigo's and watching a movie 01/07 talking to me on the phone (nana and i went to the gun range and i called to say goodnight) 01/08 going to tina's and going to costco 01/09 going to haggens 01/10 going to the doctor (addy was sick for quite some time) 01/11 going to the children's museum with tisha and camden and going to mcdonalds 01/12 going to ballet, the store and the library 01/13 going to amigo's, the store and the gas station 01/14 going to grandma's 01/15 going to tina's and going to the store 01/16 going to tina's 01/17 staying home with daddy and watching lady and the tramp 01/18 going to kim's house (for an hoa board meeting), going to the store and watching a movie 01/19 going to ballet and staying home with daddy while i went to the store 01/21 going to grandma's 01/22 staying home with daddy 01/23 going to tina's and going out to dinner 01/24 going to tina's 01/25 staying with nana (while we went to crystal mountain for the first time) 01/26 ballet and staying home with me 01/27 staying home with mommy while daddy worked 01/28 watching cars (which she didn't like for the longest time because when the semi falls asleep it's loud) 01/30 going to tina's and going to the store 01/31 going to tina's 02/01 going to mcdonalds (i let her go in playland and she loved it 02/02 going to ballet 02/03 going to the store with me and nana and dupa's for the Super Bowl Ok so if we learned anything it's that the girl likes shopping and tina's. I apologize for any misspelling or typos and for not capitalizing anything. I prefer lowercase. Oh man it feels so good to be caught up!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Favorites 11/16/12

Lets see if I can remember...

Her favorites were watching a movie (Angelina Ballerina) and going to Target and eating lunch out (at Boston's which I will never do again.)

She also wanted it noted that she also likes going to Costco.

She wanted me to take her picture at target, she's so cute.

Favorites 11/15/11

So Addy said her favorite today was going to Tina's and to the grocery store. She get to push the little carts while I shop so she just loves that.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

favorites 11/14/12

So today Addy's favorite was...JUMPING OFF THE COUCH! Are you kidding me?! Someone in our house has some splaining to do. Eh, it could be worse. Or it will morph into worse, oh gah I can't think about that.

Favorites 11/13/12

So today Addy's favorites were going to Tina's and having a snack. I'm so glad she loves going there.

We had dinner out last night and this is what did with her tortilla. Silly girl.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Favorites 11/12/12

So Addy had a list of favorites today. Seeing a car carrier, seeing 2 tankers with trailers, getting stuff for snowboarding, and getting gloves to play in the snow. She's so cute!

Oh yeah and she tried on this hat while it was still hanging on the hook. We looked over and she was facing the wall pulling the hat on. Silly girl.

Favorites 11/11/12

So today we had a nice day at home as a family. Feels like forever since we've been able to stay at home and do nothing.

Addy's favorites today were watching a movie, watching the race, watching football, and going to the store with me when I realized we didn't have anything for dinner.

This is Addyson trying to fit in for Mo-vember I guess.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Favorites 11/10/12

So Addyson's favorites today are going to ballet and watching "The Elf on the Shelf". She did a little better in ballet today so that's good, baby steps. And then she happened to see the afore mentioned movie while we were out today so we picked it up and of course we had to watch it right when we got home. It's a pretty cute little movie and it got me so excited for Christmas!

Here are some pics of ballet this morning.